Stay on Your Game

October 27th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

“Perseverance on an even keel is what gets the money.” – Steve Badger, Poker Pro

Stay on Your Game

This might be one of the most important rules in poker.

What does it mean? It means: stay on it at 3 PM. It means stay on it at 4 AM. Stay on it at dawn. Stay on it when seated for hours next to a loud obnoxious player. Stay on it while sitting next to a loud drunk who is getting lucky every hand. Stay on it despite a series of bad beats, one after another. Stay on it despite having great success and a mountain of chips. Stay on it whether you’re up $450 or down $650. Stay on it despite failure and despite success. Still stay on it.

Talk Poker. Play Poker.

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