PkrPwr: Even If A Game Is 90% Luck, Skill Will Be The Deciding Factor

November 19th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

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You sometimes hear the statement made, usually from someone who’s losing, that “This game is 90% luck”.

The way the person says it tells you they don’t realize the difference between a game that is 90% luck and a game that is 100% luck.

The two things are not the same. In fact, a skillful player eagerly anticipates a game that is 90% luck, because he knows it will seem like it is all luck to his opponents – making them believe they have a chance. At the same time, he can use the 10% skill factor to gradually grind them down without their knowing what is happening. In fact, in a game where skill is more of a factor, his skill might become too apparent to them, and they’d quit.

“Given enough time, the skillful player knows how to work around this thing called luck.” ~ Louis Asmo, Poker Player

Skill is the deciding factor.

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