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November 27th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

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In general, it’s not a good idea to show your cards when you’ve bluffed somebody. Doing this not only gives free information about your play and the kinds of cards you are playing, but it can also produce emotions that muddy the waters on future hands.

An example of the latter is this: You bluff Joe Player out of a pot by making a bet on the end, and then you turn over your cards to show him that you had absolutely nothing. Now, how are you going to read this player on upcoming hands?

Suppose that a few hands later you have a slightly better-than-average hand, and you bet into him, and he raises you? Now: Why is he raising you? Because he’s mad about the earlier hand? Because this time he’s going to give you a dose of your own medicine and try to bluff you? Or because this time he’s got a really good hand and he’s got you trapped with it?

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Showing him your bluff earlier makes it harder to read him on subsequent hands and identify his motivation.

Keep it simple. Don’t show your bluffs.

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