PkrPwr: Bluffing Rhythms that Throw Opponents

November 29th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

When playing in a game against average opponents, and bluffing, keep all your bets within the same timing range, like a rhythm. This will show that your betting isn’t just an idea that suddenly came to you but is in response to a good hand you have held all along.

When you use the same timing of bets on each card [and the same betting motion], it ties the rhythm together for an opponent. It gives him the reason he is looking for to believe that there is a pattern here – and he should fold.

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There’s one other benefit of making your betting appear as a rhythm. If you have a good hand and win, the next time you start this same betting rhythm, opponents may feel a little foolish calling bets, remembering how it came out last time, and will fold. Its a little memory trick – for them.

Throw your opponents – keep the same betting rhythm.

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