PkrPwr: A Handful Of Bad Players Can Take Turns Defeating A Very Good Player

November 21st, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

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In spite of fish play and bad calls, it is possible for a bad player to outdraw a good player in an ongoing succession. It almost seems like math: lots of players with a bad hand = 1 player with a good hand.

Its one of the great mysteries of poker that a table of bad players can be almost as hard to beat as a table of good players. If the good player played against any of these individual weak players one-on-one, he’d destroy him. Bring them together in a group though and something weirdly serendipitous happens that helps protect them.

There must be something going on here. Some equation must be at work – some principle in nature where weak units combine and achieve strength beyond their individual capacity. And there is of course – it’s everywhere in nature, from spider threads that are fragile and delicate when taken singly but strong when woven together, to the cohesion of water droplets above the rim of the glass [each droplet weak on its own], to the concept of the herd where a single animal can be picked off by a predator, but sticking together in a large group protects them. The fact is that people who play poker poorly gain strength in numbers.

This is especially true if the group operates as a united front [example: if they all stay till the river]. Poker theorist Andy Morton called this “schooling”. It’s almost as if bad players sense it. They hang together like the citizens of a small town against the tough hombres who ride in to shoot up the place. They hang together in the face of this assault by one or two very good players. Together, they are protected. And crazy enough, in poker, it works.

What are the Poker Essentials?

It’s harder to beat a group at anything. It’s rarely the quality of opposition that gets you, it’s usually the numbers.

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