The Poker Patriots Manifesto

October 1st, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

Poker is America.

The game, the play, the money, the hand, the sharks, the fish, the stacks, the chips, the dealing, the betting, the holding, the folding, the bluffing, the losing, the winning, the bragging, the people, the players, the pot – Poker is America.

From its New Orleans birthplace in 1829, Poker has grown in style and sophistication just like this great country of ours. Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud are as legendary as the Model T, Mickey Mouse and the World Series.

Under-Handed Dealing

But deep in the night of September 30, 2006, retiring Senator Bill Frist and his cronies cynically slipped in a special-interest rider at the last minute passing of a very important Port Security Bill. The special-interest rider was added under the guise of “puritanical reasons” to make the game of poker illegal to play online. No one read the freeloading rider. No one knew what the freeloading rider was about. And no one would ever vote against a critical Port Security Bill. It was 2 o’clock in the morning on the last session of the house – the cheating hour.

So “Freeloading Bill” Frist dealt from the bottom of the deck when no one was looking. Why? When this issue of online gambling was presented in the past AND DEBATED it was always voted down – no exception. Everyone knows that making Poker un-American is un-American. That’s why it’s never worked.

The only way “Freeloading Bill” was going to push his special-interest through was to sneak it in when no one was looking – the cheater’s way.

But the Great Game of Poker will never be illegal in these United States of America, no matter what special-interest politicians do, no matter what “freeloading bill” is pushed through.

Poker is an American institution, an American right, an American freedom. Poker belongs to no person, place or party. Poker belongs to Americans. Poker is America.

FACT: Over 50 million Americans play poker regularly either in person or on the worldwide web

The Flop

Know this about “Freeloading Bill” Frist and his coward cronies – they’re not players, they’re politicians. Special-interest politicians. Why is his special-interest taking away your American freedom? Why is “Freeloading Bill” Frist doing the bidding of special interests instead of fighting for the American dream?

And by making poker illegal, these politicians are destroying the American dream.

Chris Moneymaker had a dream. He dreamt of playing poker. So he put his money where his mouth was, got some skills, got in the game, and won the World Series of Poker.

Now “Freeloading Bill” Frist is turning that American dream into a special-interest nightmare. Why did he deal from the bottom of the deck? Is his morality based on money? Why is this culture of corruption allowed to kill the American dream?

If this was the Wild West, cheaters justice would demand that “Freeloading Bill” Frist and his bill-pushing bandits be run out of town on a rail. His morality mask of money hides his own special interest and criminalizes an American legend.

FACT: Poker is the cowboy of card games, bar none.

The New Deal

Pretenders run away. Legends stay and play.

Poker has a long history and tradition in these United States. Its stories are driven by principles of freedom, justice and the American way. Our nation’s greatest moments occurred when these principles prevailed.

Our greatest patriots have been those that acted on these principles. They gave life to our constitution through their courage and conviction. Their legacy is our proudest common heritage. It humbles us.

Now we call on every red-blooded poker patriot to fight this freeloading treason against America. This pseudo-political-puritanical aggression will not stand. This cheaters move is now exposed – and its time to deal out the justice.

FACT: The whole world knows how to play Texas Hold’em, thanks to the good ol’ US of A. It is one of the greatest American exports of all time.

Poker Patriots: We are the Minutemen of Gaming

Poker Patriots is committed to overturning this underhanded deal.

It is our commitment to work with every poker industry player to ensure the swift removal of Freeloading Bill’s cynical special-interest.

Our actions involve petitions, lobbying, court challenges, legal rulings, protests, and full-support of American poker.

Sign up now to have your voice heard on this injustice. Join the Revolution Against Legislation Without Representation.

FACT: 80% of land-based tournament players now come from web-based poker sites and have learned their skills playing online.

What You, the Poker Patriot, Can Do

  1. Keep playing your game
  2. Sign up at and at
  3. Tell your friends to keep playing
  4. Talk Poker – speak out at work, on radio call-ins, sport shows, message boards, forums, and while playing online
  5. Stay in the game

Silence is Submission! Speak out against the Cynical Special-Interest!

Talk Poker. Play Poker. Because Poker is America. Our Commitment

  • Keep you up to date with the latest developments
  • Involve you in the actions of the issue
  • Organize Poker Patriot actions
  • Coordinate with all pro-poker initiatives, companies and players
  • Put our money where our mouth is – lobby, legal and grass-roots actions in the name of all Poker Patriots

Don’t let cynical special-interest politicians assassinate an American legend.

Talk Poker. Play Poker. Because Poker is America. is for Poker Patriots everywhere to keep the heat on politicians and an American tradition alive.

Poker is America.

It is an American institution, an American tradition, an American legend. And legends last forever.

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