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Poker has a long history and tradition in these United States. Its stories are driven by principles of freedom, justice and the American way. The nation's greatest moments occurred when these principles prevailed. Our greatest patriots have been those that acted on these principles. They gave life to our constitution through their courage and conviction. Their legacy is our proudest common heritage. It humbles us.

Now we call on every red-blooded Poker Patriot to fight this treason against America. This political aggression will not stand. It's time to deal out the justice.

We are the Minutemen of Gaming!


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Be a poker activist without marching up the steps in Washington - simply keep playing, talk about it, and tell others the state of affairs. Here's a list of places where Americans can still play.


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Show the world you're a poker player and support the efforts of Poker Patriots by adding a badge to your website or blog. We have two versions available and the code is easy to implement. If you add a comment with your website URL, we'll provide a link back to you. It's an effective way of spreading the word to other poker players that they're game is in jeopardy. Get a Website Badge.


The Poker Patriots Call to Action

We want to hear from you. What are you doing to keep American Poker legal in America? Let us know what actions you and your fellow poker players are taking. And if you have an idea of something we should do, or would like to become a contributing writer, let us know with an email.

We welcome all inquires and suggestions for partnerships, research, resources, lobbying, petitions, rallys and any other tool you can think of to use in this fight. Send us an e-mail with your ideas.


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