Great Hand : Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen on Heads Up Poker

October 11th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #2

In amongst all the serious conversation, here’s a little gem of Daniel Negreanu and Gun Hansen going head’s up.

This hand ended up being the biggest pot ever won on the show High Stakes Poker on the Game Show Network. It perfectly illustrates the sheer rush of poker.

Gus Hansen has pocket 5’s and Daniel Negreanu has pocket 6’s. Gus raises pre-flop, Daniel re-raises and Gus calls. The flop comes 9 – 6 – 5 and the action gets crazy. Then the turn comes and it just goes into the beyond… Great video.

Isn’t it classic that Mr. Kotter [Gabe Kaplan] is one of the commentators? Ooh, ooh! Gabe, if you’re out there, get in touch – we need your help!

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