Classic Poker Video : 1978 WSOP Final Table

October 4th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #2

Here is a great example of why we love poker, and how important it is to fight for our right to play.

The video is the 1978 World Series of Poker Final Table at Binions Horseshoe in Las Vegas, originally broadcast on CBS. The legendary commentators are Brent Musburger and Jimmy The Greek. The final table players included Buc Buchanan, Ken Smith, Jesse Alto, Louis Hunsucker, Bobby Baldwin and the no limit hold’em legend, Crandall Addington.

Crandall Addington is one of very few players in the WSOP Hall of Fame

One of the unique aspects of the video is that we can’t see the hole cards, as pocket cam technology didn’t exist. So we see the bets, but just have to guess at what they’re holding. And the interview Brent does with WSOP Hall of Famers Puggy Pearson and Johnny Moss is absolutely classic.

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