Perspectives Weekly : Association of Professional Casino Webmasters

October 31st, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #2

Association of Professional Casino Webmasters

The latest initiative of the Association of Professional Casino Webmasters [APCW] is Perspectives Weekly, a short news feature covering the online gambling industry, and it’s certainly of interest to all players, affiliates and operators. The APCW are truly working their hearts out to make online gaming safe and legal in the USA.

The premiere episode focuses on the new gambling prohibition, the relative silence from most of the online casino operators, and the impact of American federal law on state gaming laws.

You might notice that Poker Patriots is featured at the top of the piece. A big shout out to the APCW for associating with Poker Patriots. Part of our mission is to build partnerships with other organizations like the APCW to contribute to positive change.

We believe Americans should have the freedom to play, bet, wager, or gamble on their favorite games of skill and chance, be it poker, blackjack, bingo or backgammon.

Enjoy the show!

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