The Push and Pull of Poker in the USA

November 18th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

Pamela Poker

Two more casualties of poker prohibition announce their departure from the American market while, at the same time, poker play in the USA continues to peak and peak and peak.

Doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Friday, Tribeca Tables Network said it would be pulling out of the U.S. and gave it’s brand members like Scarlet Poker and Doyle’s Room six months to find an alternative supplier. Pamela Anderson also threw in the towel on Pamela Poker with a brief on her website.

On the other hand, the good people at Casino City confirm that poker play just keeps on growing and growing in America.

So business keeps leaving and customers keeping growing. You don’t need a roadmap to see this opportunity, or national schizophrenia.

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Poker site should have been shut down last month. I have nothing to do with it anymore. Too many shady areas. I really don’t want to encourage people to gamble. This must be turned off. It just didn’t work out. Even in my heart. Good luck to Doyle’s Room. I love him. He is authentic to the game. I made a mistake getting involved in something I know nothing about for a quick buck! Yuck. So unlike me. Glad it’s over.


Following a long period of consultation with it’s gaming attorneys, Tribeca Tables Europe, Limited, the online poker solutions company, has announced that the company has decided to withdraw its poker room from the US market.

In light of the recent introduction in the US regarding the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006” and in line with most other responsible networks and poker operators, the company will focus on more non US territories and new markets. Tribeca will endeavour to assist it’s US facing clients in particular with the transition as much as possible. Players do not need to worry as the transition will take several months to implement.

Erik Ahlberg, new President of Tribeca Tables said, “We are now initiating this policy and will work closely with our customers to ensure as little harm as possible to their overall business”.

Steve Cook, European managing director added, “The board have taken a considerable amount of time to weigh up all of the options and sought a great deal of legal and market advice. We had agonized over the decision for several weeks, but sadly we have no alternative. We have concluded that it is the best way forward for the company”.

Tribeca’s portfolio of brands still includes many European facing brands such as Sporting Index, Paddy Power, Blue Sq, Victor Chandler, and with the recent merger with Tain, the addition of and its other skins.

Erik Ahlberg, President of Tribeca Tables issued a clarification regarding the policy of players from other territories, specifically Israel and Hong Kong stating that individual operators will continue to make their own decision regarding players from those territories based on their License and company policy.

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