Shake Up, But No Shut Down

November 2nd, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

That’s the consensus across the board just a couple of weeks past the official signing into law of the UIGE Act – there has been no shut down of poker. Only a shake up.

Article after article, post after post, confirms that American poker players are not giving up their game – they’re just playing in the new places that welcome them.

In fact, it seems that the smaller poker rooms are booming. The Tribeca Tables Network that is connected through online poker rooms such as Doyle’s, Scarlet, and Victor Chandler are seeing a huge influx of American players. All that “Black Friday” did was shift players from the publicly traded companies to the private ones.

The bigger rooms that are publicly traded had to bend to the new act, being forced to drop the US market due to a restriction on their books that say they can not knowingly break the law in a country they trade in; this opened the door for smaller, privately owned poker rooms and networks, such as Skill Games, to step up and take on a larger share of the market pie.

It’s working Poker Players. The UIGE Act is un-American – and we’re proving it.

So keep playing poker. Keep talking poker. Because Poker is America.

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