Poker Patriots : Looks Like We’re Famous

October 15th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1


The Poker Patriots blog was officially launched last week and already we’ve been written up in a spate of online reviews.

Our newsletter has become the hot read of the inbox and the Poker Patriots RSS feed is spreading like wildfire.

But we didn’t get into this fight for the fame; we got in to make a difference. To right a wrong. To overturn an underhanded deal. To promote a level playing field. To honor the American legend of Poker.

In that spirit, we’ll be presenting useful tools for battling against the un-American UIGE Act in the coming days and weeks. We urge you to use them and pass them on to others interested in the cause. As we pull together, you’ll see that this war will be won within 36 months. In today’s culture and technology, when the nation uncovers such an egregious injustice and then works together to right the wrong, it usually takes about 3 years to see the results.

Backing us is the fortunate timing of the mid-term elections, as well as the internet and millions of smart poker players ready to stand up for the great American game of poker. We fight to bring back the legitimacy of our sport, and in the process, cut-out the special-interest agenda that is ruining this country.

Talk your game. Play your game. And remember – there are 50 million of us. So on November 7th, vote your game.

Make the difference.

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