Lobbying for American Poker

October 16th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

Calvin Ayre on the cover of ForbesBill Gates found out in the 90’s that building a successful company in America not only took skill, smarts, money, marketing and product – it also took politics.

In fact, you can readily find coverage of the ongoing business battles Microsoft has with the United States, European Union, Asia and every other region in the world where it sells its products.

That’s the sign of a mature industry. It constantly works in political realms to maintain free-market freedom.

Calvin Ayre of Bodog on the cover of Forbes

Free markets don’t just happen. They are constructed by a myriad of interests: government, business, supply, demand, resources, regulation, community standards, and capital. Each of those interests has an agenda and fights for their agenda to be instituted. Through the give and take of that unending process, a balance is achieved. But that balance is always in flux with the times. Which is why free markets are a constant pursuit, never a destination.

Calvin Ayre recently commented on the UIGE Act and said, “I think that the existing issues relating to the recent online gaming legislation ought to be left in the hands of the electorate and policymakers.”

Well, Calvin Ayre is a billionaire. And billionaires never leave anything to chance – even ones involved in the gambling business. If he did, he wouldn’t be a billionaire. So he’s either being coy or forcibly naive. My bet is that he’s coy, playing it close to the vest, as he should since he’s already witnessed what happens to flagrant gambling executives.

However, mature industries lobby for their interests. That is a reality.

Here’s hoping that Bodog is working behind the scenes as successfully as they are in front of the camera.

We at Poker Patriots encourage every poker industry player to promote and support whatever effort is needed to overturn the underhanded UIGE Act. Lobbying for American Poker is one of the ways to achieve that.

Ping Out: To John Caldwell and his Learn Lessons from the Music Industry article in Poker News. Thanks for the valuable insight.

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