Let Foreigners Eat our Lunch

October 25th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

“PLANS to turn Britain into a world leader in internet gambling have been drawn up by ministers, according to internal Whitehall documents. In stark contrast to America, where online gambling has in effect been outlawed, ministers want to attract offshore companies to Britain.”

So starts a recent article in the Sunday Times Business section. The British have realized that the internet will keep on growing right along with gambling. Together, internet gambling will present fantastic opportunities on an international scale. Since both industries generate innovation, technology, expertise, high-paying careers and tax revenue, it would be smart to lead the way. Make a plan. Attract investment. Regulate, tax and promote.

Britain gets visionary leadership. We get the UIGE Act.

We invent poker. They create an international market from it.

London has their gambling companies listed on a stock exchange. We can’t even use Visa to bet on the World Series.

The rest of the world embraces challenges, finds solutions, and surges ahead. We nod our heads and go “tsk, tsk”.

Poker is one of America’s greatest exports to the world. Too bad we’re just giving it away.

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