Brits Think US Gambling Law is Flawed

October 29th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

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In a typically coherant move, Tessa Jowell, the Secretary for the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport has spoken out against the US gambling ban, saying the “new prohibition” makes offshore gambling sites the “modern equivalent of speakeasies,” the illegal bars that opened in the US under alcohol prohibition in the 1920’s. Of course she believes that regulation is far better than prohibition.

The DCMS set up the Gambling Commission back in 2001 to study the issue of “remote gaming,” or any form of gaming that happens away from a physical establishment. By 2005, they had developed the Gambling Act to cover and regulate all forms of gambling in the UK, with a target implementation date of September 2007. This timeframe may be adjusted in light of recent developments. As we stated in a previous post, the UK is working hard to become the world leader in Internet Gambling.

Ms. Jowell is hosting a summit next week with politicians from 30 countries to discuss the achievement of international gambling regulations.

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