Congressmen and Senators On the Record: Iowa and Arizona – Vote Them Out

November 9th, 2012  :  Written by Patriot #1

There are 3 elected officials who, by their actions, are on the record.

Their unanimous response:

I fully support American Poker in all its forms: NO

I will reverse the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act: NO

I will work to legitimize the Great American Game of Poker online: NO

Who are these 3 officials who deem American Poker un-American? The 3 officials who pushed the UIGA Act through when no one was looking.

They are:

Representative Jim Leach, Republican, Iowa

Senator Jon Kyl, Republican, Arizona

Senator Bill Frist, Republican, Tennessee [retiring]

To Jim Leach and Jon Kyl: You are on Notice.

50 million Poker-Playing Americans say NO to your re-election. We don’t want you in government because you underhandedly pushed through a special-interest bill that was previously voted down by the majority. You do not represent the majority of Americans. You represent special-interest.

You do not support American Poker. Therefore, American Poker does not support you.

To Bill Frist: Read the Poker Patriots Manifesto. And don’t run for president in 2008. The current investigations into your politics-for-payola ways will confirm your corruption. But we’ll still be left to clean up your mess.

50 million Poker-Playing Americans do not endorse you or your special-interest agenda.

Attention Poker Players in Arizona and Iowa – it’s up to you to clean house. Go with the ‘throw the bums out’ wave that’s sweeping the nation, and get rid of these two special-interest politicians, Jim Leach and Jon Kyl.

This Tuesday, November 7th, we’ll truly see who stands for free-market freedom and American Poker.

Vote Your Game. Vote for candidates that support American Poker in all its forms.

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