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Poker Patriots provides players, operators and affiliates of the online gambling industry with the tools, training, resources and support needed to fight the Internet Gambling Prohibition Bill.

We believe Americans should have the freedom to play, bet, wager, or gamble on their favorite games of skill and chance, be it poker, blackjack, bingo or backgammon.

Working with a broad range of communities, organizations, and movements - from individual players to professional organizations - Poker Patriots facilitates the sharing of information and expertise that strengthens the capacity to fight the prohibition and move toward a safe, regulated industry.

We believe building partnerships with organizers and communities to create opportunities for participatory learning, networking, and resource sharing is the most powerful way we as individuals can contribute to achieving positive change.

About Poker Patriots

We play poker. We talk poker. We love poker. We are Poker Patriots.

Up until Friday October 13th, 2006, we enjoyed the freedom to play poker [and blackjack, slots, bingo, and every other form of gaming]. That's changed. And so have we.

This is why Poker Patriots was born. We must fight for our right to play. With this blog, we intend to create a community, forming a common voice where players, operators, activists, and all freedom-loving people can say, "give us back our games." Our purpose is to overturn the legislation that made it illegal to play poker online in America, where this great game was invented.

To the special-interest politicians that cynically snuck the un-American rider onto a critical National Security Bill - we put you on notice. This will not stand.

To the 50 million Americans who love poker - we call you to action.

Poker is America. It's America's game and we have the right to play.


It is in all our interests to build partnerships that strengthen our fight to play. To achieve our goal, this diverse network must be supported. If your group or organization would like to contribute to the cause, Join the Revolution.


Poker Patriots is proudly sponsored by Scarlet Poker. In the current climate, with poker rooms dropping the USA everyday, it's great to see a group that won't "cut-and-run." This blog and our efforts would not be possible without their generous support. If you're a player who cares about the great game of poker, we hope you support them too. Click here to go play.

Scarlet Poker is American Poker

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Hank Tamerlane - Patriot #1

Doug Savoy - Patriot #2

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